Saturday, 5 May 2012

Je suis modiste!

I haven't finished the hat I began last week. Instead, I finished another hat project that I began a while back.

I didn't properly make this because I got a ready made felt cone, but I blocked and draped it and added all the embellishments.

It began like this:

Then I steamed and starched it and draped it on top of my wig holder. If you never tried free form blocking, you should. It's really fun (and extremely easy).

I made mine assymetrical with two pleats running over the brim across the forehead, and down on the left. To balance that, I added some trimming on the right side - I made two large 'petals' with three tongues out of black wool felt which I starched and sewed on. I also made a felt flower (description here) and a draped 'ribbon' out of felt across the front.

And voilĂ ! Suddenly I had this:

From the right side:

And the left:

From behind, the asymmetrical shape is clearly visible:

I sewed rather than glued on the trimmings. That way I can just snip them off if I want to make changes to it. If I grow tired of it, I can just steam it and reshape it!

My only regret is that it's pretty much spring here and so I won't be able to use it for long before it gets too warm. Anyway, when I get enough energy together to put on some make up, I'll show you what it looks like when it's being worn by a real person.


  1. Ugh,I am SO jealous of your millinery skills!

    1. Thank you, Laurie, but really it wasn't hard. I think millinery is going to be my new thing. It's super-fun!

  2. Hello sweetie! i was on the fedora lounge and i found your blog! I'm a 1920's gal as well! and i feel right at home on here! :) i absolutely love your hat its just adorable! might i ask where you got the material to make it? :) i have a scores for felt that haven't been making me happy to say the least haha ( I'm a milliner as well)

    very lovely blog you have!!!!

    Wishing you a lovely wednesday!,
    TheRitzyFlapper (Alicia)

    1. Well, the cone I got from Nehelina Patterns, but it's likely not the cheapest place. I don't know where you are (US?) but for Europe Parkin Fabrics is looking good:

      The black felt I got from my local fabric store (which has a large range of wool fabrics - they even sold the material for some of the costumes for the LOTR films), but it's just ordinary, not very heavy wool felt so any store should have it. The button I got there too.

      The rest was just steam, water, cornstarch and my hands! :)

  3. Very nice! I look forward to see you model it!