Sunday, 29 April 2012

Perils of Being Boring

In the immortal words of Trent Reznor: My butt hurts.

Reason: yesterday I started on a new hat. It's going to be a wool and faux-silk cloche and since I don't have a table to work on and always pattern and cut on the floor, I spent a few hours yesterday crouching on the floor. This was not something my gluteus maximus appreciated and today I am paying the price.

Anyway, I'm freestyling this (as in, I made up the pattern myself on the go), but I was inspired by this picture.

I'm only halfway and I have to undo the last two rows of stitching because I made pleats where I now realise there should be no pleats. Anyway, here's how it looked when I'd pinned together the wool parts:

I think it'll come out nicely, although let me tell you that undoing stitches in wool felt is a pain in the...

Yes, that's right. That was where this post started., wasn't it?

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